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   Based in Buenos Aires Argentina, Saulino Music

it´s a music production company dedicated to filmscoring

and sound design.
      Since it´s foundation in 1993, the company has produced hundreds of soundtracks for film and television for such major marks as Nestle,    Unilever, FOX, Nbc Universal, Discovery Channel, History Channel, TV Azteca, Nat Geo, Playboy TV,  Endemol, Telefé,​​ Movie City and The Film Zone and Artear and Canal 9 just to name a few.


    Having scored music identity spots for over 30 tv channels aired to million audiences, Saulino Music is highly recognized in the audiovisual design industry for it´s vast experience in the audiobranding market, for wich has set new standards on TV soundtracks audio creativity.

   The resulting works have being awarded at such festivals as "HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWRDS", "LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL", "PROMAX" (USA), "The New York Festivals"(USA), "San Sebastián" (Spain) and "The 3rd Fina Film Festival" (Australia).

Nowadays, Saulino Music Studio is  mainly focused on producing original music for films as wel as Tv Shows, being revealed as a market leader as well as the most prolific  media music studio in Latin America, providing music for more than 60 TV SHOWS which by means it´s a rare record for a music production studio in the Latin America market.


   In 2011, Warner/Chappell Music company  became Saulino Music´s publisher, raising Saulino Music´s catalogue  to international level.


-PROMAX AWARDS 2017 Los Angeles



Drama Indie Short film​ 

Film Score and Orchestration( Atlanta, USA, 2016)


<-"Estocolmo, Identidad Perdida"

TV Series on Netflix.

Film Score and Orchestration( Atlanta, USA, 2016)





Film Score and Orchestration (Los Angeles.USA, 2015)



Film Score and Orchestration (Atlanta.USA, 2015)



Talk Show. Background music. (Endemol 2014)


Reality Tv Series. Film Score. (Ritual Entertainment 2014, Georgia USA)


Quiz Show. Background music. (Endemol 2014)

<-"GAME OF ASSASSINS"(The Gauntlet) Film Score. Hollywood horror FEATURE FILM.​

Additional Scoring and Orchestration 

(Los Angeles, California.USA,

LionsGate DVD edition 2014)​


Quiz Show. Background music. (Canal 13 Artear 2014)


reality tv show.Main theme and background music.(Telefé, Arg 2014)


Game show, background music.(Telefé 2014)

-"EXTREME MAKEOVER"  12 chapters reality TV show (Original Music Score & main Theme)

Telefél  2013

-"CANAL 9"  Music Rebranding

(Canal 9, 2013)

-"TAXXI, Amores Cruzados " 66 chapters TV  series (original Music Score) Telefé 2013

-"IMPLACABLES"  TV Talk Show (Main Theme

& background music) (Canal 9  ARG & Miami)

-"EL EMPRENDEDOR DEL MILLON"  12 chapters reality TV show (Original Music Score & Main Theme) Endemol  2013


-"TU CARA ME SUENA" (Your Face Sounds Familiar)reality tv show.Main theme and background music.(Telefé, Arg 2013)


-"QUIERO" TV Music Channel 

Music Rebranding


- "TELENUEVE"  news Tv Show Main theme and background music.(Canal 9, Arg 2013)


-"Sabado en Casa" talk show, background music.

(Artear Arg 2013)


-Music rebrand for QUIERO music channel.

(2013 Artear, Arg)

-"EL DIARIO DE MARIANA" (TV show´s Main Theme & Original Music Library production. CANAL 13, Artear ARG 2013)


-"A TODO O NADA" (Original Music Library for the TV show) Canal 13, ARG 2013.


-LA NOCHE DEL DOMINGO (Original Music Library for the TV show.Endemol ARG 2013)


-GERARDO A LAS 20 (Original Music Library for the tv show) Endemol ARG 2013


"CUESTION DE PESO" (Original Music Library for the tv shows) Endemol LatIn America 2013. 


"MY NAME IS" (tv show Main Theme & Original Music Library for the TV show)  Endemol Latam 2013. 


<-"LA DUEÑA" (Film Score for each episode).

32 episodes TV series starring Mitha Legrand,

(2012 Telefé Argentina, Latin America and Middle East.

​- "EN LLAMAS" (Original Music library for the show)​, Tv series, América TV ARG (2012)

- MOVIE CITY Audiologo Cinema Surround version.

"Original Movie" Logo (worldwide) (2012)

-"POLICÍAS EN ACCIÓN" (Original Music library for the  TV show)  Canal 13, Artear ARG (2012) 


​​-"RESIDENTES" (Original Music library for the TV show)

  America Tv ARG (2012)


-MOVIE CITY "PREMIERES" (Full Music Branding)(2012)

​LATAM 2012


-MOVIE CITY "ACTION" (Full Music Branding) (2012)

​LATAM 2012


- MOVIE CITY AUDIOLOGO. (worldwide) (2012)
LATAM 2012


-WARNER /CHAPPELL MUSIC  Becomes Saulino´s publisher (2011) 

-PLAYBOY TV "True Desires" 3D (Film Score) Feature Film (2011)
5.1 Surround mix.Cinema, worldwide.

-PLAYBOY TV: "True Desires", (Film Score), 10 episodes tv series (2011)


-FX CHANNEL: Music Re-Branding (2010) Italy, Latam.

-PLAYBOY TV: "Playboy Trip" (Film Score) 10 episodes Tv series, (2010) Worldwide.

-LIFESTYLE TV: "Volcano Hunter" (Film Score)10 espisodes Tv series( 2010),

-FOX SPORTS+ Music Branding (2009) Los Angeles,Latinamerica.

-MOVIE CITY: Music Re-Branding (2009) Latinamerica.

-UTILISIMA (Tv show open titles for : "BIENESTAR", "BIEN SIMPLE", TU CASA TU COCINA" (2009)​

-THE HISTORY CHANNEL: "Historia a La Carta" (Filmscore) 10 episodes tv series (2008),

-THE FILM ZONE: Music Re-Branding (2008) Latam

-FOX SPORTS:Music Branding (2008)Los Angeles,Latam.

-NO MOLESTAR! Music Re-Branding (2008) Latam.

-GOLDEN FLEECE AUSTRALIA: "Daedalus and Icarus" animated feature (Filmscore)"Perseus and Andromeda", "Jason and The Golden Fleece", (Trailer  & Filmscores) (2007)

-AZTECA 13 Music Re-branding (2007,2008) Mexico.

-AZTECA 7 Music Rebranding, Tv Promos (2007,2008) Mexico.

-UNIVERSAL, Spy Games animated short (Filmscore) (2006)​

-UNIVERSAL "Psych" tv series promos (Filmscore) (2006)​

-DISCOVERY CHANNEL ,(Trailer Scoring) "Tv series 2006 Trailers" (2006),


("Dr House","Monk", "Psych", "Heroes", "Greek", "LAW & ORDER",

"The 4400", "Ghost hunters", "Dresden Files")

-FOX , "My Fox Logo" tv series ringtones ("Nip/ Tuck", "24", The Simpsons", "Prision Break")​

-NAT GEO: Panasonic Commercials. Worldwide (2006)​

-NAT GEO (Trailer Scoring)​ Martial Arts tv series.  Worldwide (2006) ​

-NO MOLESTAR! (Full Music Branding ) (2005) Latam.​

-COSMOPOLITAN TV: (Full Music Re-Branding) (2005) Spain, Latam.​

-CANAL 13 DE CHILE: Music Re-Branding (2005)​

-FOX: Full Music Rebranding Latam (2004)​

-FOX LIFE Italy, (Full Music Branding) (2003) Latam.​

-"FUGAZ" Feature Film. (Filmscore) (2002)​

-USA NETWORK: Jingle Spots (2001)​

-J. W, THOMPSON Advertising BA (1994-2000)

Clients: Nestlé, Kraft, Unilever, Ford Motors Argentina.

Products: Frigor, Mendicrim, Sufflair, Sedal, Drive, Direct Tv, Ford Mondeo, Ford explorer, Ford Escort.​​

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